Men and women looking for smoother texture and even colored skin find that the Perfect DERMA Peel in St. Petersburg provides the desired results. The process helps heal the skin of sunspots and hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin with a younger appearance and natural glow. Contact our MedSpa to learn more about this restorative treatment.

What Is the Perfect DERMA Peel?

The Perfect DERMA Peel is a blend of antioxidants and acids that helps improve skin tone. The peel also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and acne. The chemical peel resurfaces the skin by removing dead cells and revealing brighter, smoother facial skin. The treatment boosts the production of elastin and collagen, which provide underlying structure and give your skin greater elasticity.

Not all chemical peels are safe for every skin type. Perfect DERMA Peel is a medium-depth peel used as a standalone treatment in St. Petersburg or with other cosmetic procedures. It is considered safe for nearly all skin types and tones.

Most people see significant results after one treatment, but two to three treatments spaced four weeks apart can help resolve deeper concerns. There are seven key ingredients in the Perfect DERMA Peel, which include:

Retinoic Acid

Better known as Vitamin A, it helps normalize cell turnover and promote collagen and elastin production.

Salicylic Acid

This ingredient is a common drug in acne treatments and works by helping the skin shed the top layer of dead cells while reducing swelling and inflammation.


This antiseptic is used to help treat skin blemishes.

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)

This ingredient is an excellent skin exfoliator that helps resurface the skin while stimulating collagen production.

L-ascorbic Acid

This product is better known as vitamin C. The compound is a potent antioxidant and helps brighten the skin while protecting it from UV damage.

Kojic Acid

Fungi produce this ingredient. It is a byproduct of fermented soy and rice wine. The food industry uses it as a natural preservative, but its primary function is in cosmetic products. It helps lighten the skin and repair damage from the sun, scars, and age spots.


This product is known as the master antioxidant. It helps neutralize free radicals and maximizes the activity of other antioxidants. Glutathione helps with the production of collagen and elastin and helps control inflammation. With age, glutathione levels decrease. Topical application can help encourage the body to make new glutathione.

Are You a Good Candidate for Perfect DERMA Peel?

Perfect DERMA Peel is a medical-grade formulation that a professional must apply. A person in St Petersburg with fine lines, wrinkles, or uneven skin texture can benefit from Perfect DERMA Peel.

This chemical peel can also help men and women with hyperpigmentation that may result from sun damage, melasma, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Unlike other chemical peels, the Perfect DERMA Peel is safe for Fitzpatrick skin types 1 through 6. Fitzpatrick skin phototype identifies skin types and the expected response to ultraviolet radiation. For example, Fitzpatrick skin type 1 is skin that always burns, and skin type 6 refers to skin that never burns. Dermatologists use this scale when evaluating cosmetic treatments.

What to Expect After a Perfect DERMA Peel

A person may experience tingling or stinging during the application, but this usually passes within one minute when the numbing agent begins working. The process takes up to 30 minutes. Immediately afterward, the skin may look red or darker, a normal response to the active ingredients.

A person can expect the skin to begin peeling by the third day and finish peeling by day seven. Throughout the first week, it is essential to avoid sweating, which can irritate the area. A person should avoid using saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and heavy exercising. Otherwise, a person in St. Petersburg can continue everyday activities immediately after the Perfect DERMA Peel.

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Results from the Perfect DERMA Peel leave you with a refreshed, confident-boosting appearance. Our team can use Perfect DERMA Peel in St. Petersburg alone or with other cosmetic procedures to meet your aesthetic goals. Call Allure Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. Discover how this chemical peel differs from the rest.