Your nose is a prominent facial feature that contributes to your facial proportions, symmetry, and balance. Rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg is a surgical procedure used to make improvements to your nose’s structure and appearance.

Since rhinoplasty is a highly individualized procedure based on your unique physical anatomy and cosmetic goals, Allure Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery’s double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Percy Lo, will discuss treatment options with you in-depth during a consultation.

Rhinoplasty Surgery To Enhance Your Nose and Face

Rhinoplasty operations in St. Petersburg can change your nose’s size, shape, and projection by altering the skin, cartilage, and bones of your nose and its surrounding tissue.

Closed vs. Open Procedures

Dr. Lo could take a closed approach to rhinoplasty, using an incision within the nostril to modify minor characteristics of the nose, such as minute bridge bumps and asymmetry. In addition, this approach could involve shortening the nose’s projection, reshaping the tip, and correcting a deviated septum if necessary.

Alternatively, an open rhinoplasty involves cutting the columella—the skin between the nostrils—to access the cartilage and bone beneath, allowing for more drastic changes. For example, with an open procedure, Dr. Lo could correct more pronounced nasal asymmetry, bridge hump, and a deviated septum affecting nose shape and breathing abilities. An open rhinoplasty would allow for more dramatic revisions to your nose’s size, shape, and projection, which may be necessary to improve your facial proportions and symmetry.

Gender-Specific Considerations

Although the general steps for rhinoplasty surgery are the same for male and female patients, a few physical differences can help determine the best surgical techniques. Men typically have thicker facial skin and muscle fibers than women, so male rhinoplasty usually involves less skin tightening than female rhinoplasty. In addition, female rhinoplasty patients often focus more on reducing nose size and projection, while male patients often prefer to maintain prominent contours.

Recovery Process

Following a rhinoplasty procedure at our office in St. Petersburg, internal splints or packing may be used along with external splints or bandages to provide support and safeguard the new structures during the initial healing period.

Although the initial swelling typically diminishes within a few weeks, the complete refinement of the new nasal contour may not be realized for up to a year. Over this time, gradual alterations in the nose’s appearance may be noticeable as it progresses toward a more permanent result.

Is There a Right Time for Rhinoplasty?

When a patient consults with Dr. Lo about rhinoplasty surgery in St. Petersburg, he explores several factors with them, including discussing their medical history, their motivations for cosmetic surgery, their expectations for results, and their physical development. Rhinoplasty patients may only have surgery once their nose finishes growing, so age is an important factor to consider.

Some people are distressed by their nose’s characteristics and find rhinoplasty improves their self-image, confidence, and self-esteem. For them, the right time for rhinoplasty depends on whether they have realistic expectations and are physically and emotionally ready for the procedure.

Schedule Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Consultation in St. Petersburg

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested plastic surgeries. Our kind and considerate board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Percy Lo, enjoys listening to a patient’s concerns and giving them what they want, especially when it comes to making significant cosmetic enhancements to their nose and overall facial appearance. Contact our office today to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery in St. Petersburg.