A neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a facial plastic surgery that removes excess skin and fat along the jawline and under the chin. The results can take years off your appearance, as your neck will look smoother, and your chin and jawline will be better defined.

You can develop a double chin due to the effects of aging or a large amount of weight loss. Excess fat can also stretch the skin. Jaw and neck skin ages like the rest of your skin, so it will lose volume due to fat loss. It will also lose its ability to tighten due to decreased elastin and collagen production decreases that occur with age. After significant weight loss, there is often no way for your skin to tighten to a nice, trim contour, so you will need a neck lift in St. Petersburg to finish your total body transformation. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about the procedure and discuss your cosmetic goals with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Percy Lo.

The Neck Lift Explained

Our St. Petersburg neck lift surgery is customized to your personal facial structure and needs. During your initial consult with our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Percy Lo, he will show you where he plans to make incisions. Usually there are small incisions near and behind your ears and a very small incision under your chin. Liposuction may be used to remove unwanted fat, while some fat may be moved to a better position. Neck muscles usually require tightening to improve your neck contour. It is not unusual for a neck lift to take two to three hours as Dr Lo carefully improves and reconstructs your jawline and neck. However, during the surgery, you will be kept comfortable with appropriate anesthesia.

Recovering After Neck Lift Surgery

Because you must significantly limit neck movement right after surgery, you will need a family member or trusted friend to drive you home. After your lower rhytidectomy procedure in St. Petersburg, you will also need to wear a special neck compression garment. It helps keep swelling and bruising down and provides proper support for your neck tissues as they heal. You will need to limit twisting and bending your neck as much as possible for the first two weeks to allow proper healing. Some patients report feeling significant neck tightness, and pain can be controlled with over-the-counter acetaminophen or a stronger prescription.

Limiting neck movement for the first ten days to two weeks is important. You should not lift heavy objects—this includes children and large pets—for the first two weeks. You should be ready to return to work by the end of two weeks, earlier if you work from home. If your job involves strenuous labor, you may require more than two weeks off, or you may need to do a less physically demanding job for the first few weeks back at work. Limiting activities during the healing process is important so that you will have the best results possible.

Results from a Lower Rhytidectomy Procedure

At first, the swelling will make it difficult to evaluate your new neck and jawline. Over time, your new contours will begin to emerge. Swelling in this area can take up to three months to completely resolve. The results of a neck lift are permanent, but they will not stop natural aging. Maintaining good skin care, including sun exposure avoidance and a healthy lifestyle, is important.

Neck lift surgery in St. Petersburg carries risks similar to all types of surgery. You may experience excess bleeding and bruising. If an infection occurs, it must be dealt with quickly to keep wound healing from being affected. You may notice changes in skin sensation. Complications are rare, but our skilled medical professionals will tell you what to look for and when to call us for help.

Book Your Neck Lift Consultation in St. Petersburg

There is no better way to get rid of your double chin than to have a neck lift in St. Petersburg. Dr. Percy Lo and his highly trained staff will guide you through the process and answer all of your questions. Contact Allure Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment.