Having a cancerous lesion taken off your skin provides a quick cure. However, some kinds of removal leave behind defects that need additional repair. At Allure Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Percy Lo, MD, performs skin cancer removal and reconstructive surgery on the same day. Book your consultation today to learn more about this effective body sculpting procedure.

What Is Skin Cancer Removal?

Skin cancer removal in St. Petersburg is a minimally invasive surgical process of removing cancerous cells from your skin. After a diagnosis or initial removal, your dermatologist or general doctor may refer you to Dr. Lo at Allure Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery to have your skin cancer removed safely and efficiently. Dr. Lo, an expert in cosmetic procedures, ensures that your skin is reconstructed after the removal and minimizes scarring.

How Can I Tell if I Might Need Skin Cancer Removal?

Skin cancer is the easiest cancer to detect because it appears on your skin in the form of a lesion. It often appears on areas of your body that get a lot of sun exposure, like your arms, legs, or scalp. However, it can appear anywhere and you should check your whole body for signs regularly. Some common signs that a mole or lesion is cancerous include:

  •  Unwillingness to heal
  •  Changes in shape
  •  Changes in size
  •  Easy bleeding
  •  Itching
  •  Pain

Sometimes, skin cancer appears without causing any symptoms. If you notice any new or evolving lesions, it’s good practice to have your physician take a look as soon as you notice them.

How Does Skin Cancer Removal Work?

A skin cancer diagnosis might frighten you, but removing it is easy if it’s still confined to your skin. Dr. Lo assesses the extent of the cancerous lesion to decide the best method of removal. One of the most common methods for skin cancer removal in St. Petersburg that Dr. Lo uses is excision. After using anesthesia, he uses a scalpel to carefully cut around the lesion and remove a bit of healthy surrounding skin for good measure. Sometimes, the removed portion of skin is large enough that you need a skin flap or graft:

Skin Flap

A skin flap is a nearby section of skin that stays partially attached to its original location and is moved to cover your open wound.

Skin Graft

A skin graft is a portion of skin that comes from another part of your body. Since it doesn’t have its old blood supply to use, your body must grow new blood vessels into the graft as the wound heals and accepts it.

Learn More about Skin Cancer Removal in St. Petersburg

To learn more about St. Petersburg skin cancer removal and defect reconstruction, schedule a consultation with our knowledgable team at Allure Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery today.