young woman's face being checked for a beauty treatment 
Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty
young woman's face being checked for a facial treatment 
Forehead / Brow Lift
smiling woman with lifting arrows on face
Rhinoplasty surgery arrows
young woman wearing a towel posing smiling and touching her face
Facial Treatments
young woman receiving examination for a face treatment
woman posing on a side touching her face
Neck Lift

Testimonials & Reviews

Confident Care: Dr. Lo’s Professionalism
Submitted 04/01/24
Dr. Lo was extremely efficient and professional. I found him very easy to talk with. He was forthcoming with answers to my questions. I feel comfortable going into my surgery with Dr Lo at the helm.
Dr. Lo: Attentive and Comforting Care
Submitted 04/01/24
Dr. Lo is great! He takes the time to listen to your concerns and addresses them. Felt very comfortable talking with him and his staff.
Welcoming Atmosphere: A Big Thank You!
Submitted 04/01/24
Everyone was so pleasant and helpful and made me relax on my first visit. I received a call already this morning to schedule my surgeries and post op visits.A big Thank you to each of you
Submitted 04/01/24
Everyone was amazing!!
Helpful and Professional
Submitted 04/01/24
Terri and the other lady at the front desk were very helpful, polite, and professional. Definitely an asset to the practice.

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